Knowledge Raising and Skill Development at New Horizon Scholars School Rodas

New Horizon Scholar School in Rodas, amidst its serene surroundings, provides the perfect space for IGNITING CURIOSITY AND FOSTERING EXCELLENCE. A hallmark of NHSSR is learner autonomy, blending supreme intellect, innovation, research, unique collaboration, righteous assessments, and a global industry connect. Here, children explore various facets of education, unlocking their potential, nurturing confidence, and empowering them to become innovative, unbound, and responsible individuals.

NHSSR spares no effort in equipping learners with essential leadership skills, preparing them to excel in all aspects of modern society. Our research and evidence-based pedagogy in math, science, and technology, coupled with a rich infusion of arts and creativity, shapes tomorrow's leaders.

With a child-centric approach, aesthetically designed infrastructure, and adaptability, NHSSR promotes learning, encourages collaboration, and provides a personalized, stimulating environment—our unwavering commitment towards our mission of "Mission to Excel."

Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), NHSSR holds Affiliation number 1131249, firmly establishing itself as one of the foremost CBSE Schools in Rodas.


We are now partners with united nations and supporting the global goals for sustainable development.


Academic Year 2021-22 will commence from April 2021.

School Features

  • Global standard infrastructure with world class facility
  • Lush Green Eco-friendly campus.
  • Well-equipped library , Science labs , ICT labs and Mathematics labs.
  • Expert 360 degree counselling.
  • Safe transport system with a fleet of AC buses.
  • Specialized sports and Independent play area.
  • STEAM Learning.
  • Educational excursions.
  • Digital School with a virtual reality class rooms.
  • Centre of Creation and Imagination.
  • Audio ,speech and Language lab.
  • Special activities : Chess, dance , Karate , Skating , Taekwondo etc .

Our Gallery


To be a beacon of educational excellence, where every learner's potential is ignited and nurtured.

Our vision is to create an educational center par excellence imparting learning, and to train students to become autonomous learners. We aspire to become a laudable institution that develops essential life skills, future ready and successful happy citizens grounded in human values.


Our mission is to foster academic excellence and nurture the holistic development of every student.
We are committed to offering a top-tier educational foundation, utilizing contemporary pedagogical methods, fostering creativity, instilling enduring values, and celebrating diversity. Our goal is to empower our students to evolve into forward-thinking individuals, equipped with lifelong skills to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Core Values

IMPARTING QUALITY EDUCATION: To provide excellent education that allows students to recognize their dreams and skills, to be able to ignite the passion to excel.

STUDENT CENTRIC APPROACH: We believe & take cognizance of the new curriculum model as per the new NCF and pedagogical practices that initiates to equip students with 21st century skills.

EMPATHY, COMPASSION, RESPECT AND UNBIASED APPROACH TO ALL: We strive to create an environment of respect & inclusion irrespective of caste creed, culture and gender. To inculcate students with values of compassion and empathy towards humanity and environment.

INTEGRITY: Promoting honesty, trust, and ethical behavior among students, staff and school community.


TO LAY FOUNDATION FOR PROGRESSIVE & PROSPECTUS FUTURE FOR STUDENTS: To provide safe supportive learning environment, create opportunities for all students to reach optimal level of achievements and not only develop their knowledge, but help them to gain skills and understanding necessary to excel in the 21st century.

HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT: Cultivate, motivate and encourage students to participate in co-scholastic activities apart from academics.

MAKE LEARNING NEED BASED, SKILL BASED AND VALUE BASED: Providing a holistic education that would enhance learning as per the NEP guidelines by incorporating skill based vocational education in the curriculum.

VALUES: To instill the fundamental values of integrity, discipline, obedience, humility, punctuality and dedication among our students.

PARENT AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: To encourage active participation and involvement of parents and the community to support students learning and overall well-being.

"NHSSR: One of the city's best schools with world-class facilities, dedicated teachers. Heartfelt wishes for nurturing every child."

Parent of Aarav Rawal, Grade 8

"NHSS Rodas nurtures strengths and weaknesses, with dedicated teachers offering academic challenges and essential tools. Highly pleased with the school."

Parent of Kush Dahiya, Grade 2

"Excellent infrastructure, well-trained teachers, safe environment, student-centered learning. Strong against harassment. A cafeteria is our only wish."

Parent of Aditya Prabhu, Grade 8

"NHSS Rodas Hiranandani excels academically, with spacious classrooms and caring, dedicated teachers. Modern facilities and extracurriculars available. Positive Director & Principal."

Parent of Vijayashree and Vijayaditya Ghosh, Grade 3

"Satisfied with ward's development at NHSS Rodas, significant improvement in aptitude and attitude. Deep appreciation for teachers and staff's nurturing efforts."

Parent of Nishika Mathur, Grade 2

"Grateful for the positive impact on my child's education, dedicated teachers, engaging curriculum, and supportive environment. Highly recommend to all parents."

Parent of Arnav Yamgekar, Grade 5